Monday, December 24, 2012

Whipped Body Butter = Pistachio and Avocado

I love Whipped Body Butters.  The Winter season arrives and my skin starts to scream for extra moisture.  Just recently I received a gift from my XMAS Swap and Whipped Body Butter was one of the items I received.  I my skin gobbled that up like there was no tomorrow!

So I decided to try a bit of my own.  It was not my first time I have tried to do it.  I have tried making the tutorial in the Soap Queen Blog - here is the link if you are curious:

Easy Whipped Shea Butter - Soap Queen Blog

It actually came out pretty nice and I keep a jar of it at work for my poor hands.  But this time around I wanted to make some to give away as Christmas Gifts to friends so I decided to try the Pistachio Butter and Avocado Butter that I had in stock.  Here is my recipe:

Avocado Butter
Pistachio Butter
Sweet Almond Oil
Vitamin E Oil
Corn Starch (to help cut down on the oily feeling)
Phenonip (Preservative, in the event that some water got into the jar)
Yuzu Fragrance Oil - I LOVE IT! Nice citrus scent.

I combined all the butters and whipped till I got a nice fluffy consistency:
Then I added the oils, glycerin, corn starch, preservative and fragrance.  Making sure to mix in carefully to absorb the loose powder, to avoid it from getting everywhere.
After most of the powder was soaked into the mix I was able to turn the mixer on.  Starting at the lowest setting and working myself to high until I got the nice fluffy consistency I was looking for.  I spooned them into jars and properly labeled them and they were ready to give out as gifts!  I was lucky that I made extra so I was able to save some for me and I am truly enjoying everyday!
Thanks for checking out my blog!
Wishing you a wonderful Holiday Season!



  1. Wow, that looks amazing creamy and silky!

  2. I love whipped body butters.I just have made one with Shea butter,jojoba and almond oil. I'll put a post on my blog soon,so you will be able to see how it turned out.Don't use cornstarch,I don't mind greasiness,actually it feels so soothing on my skin.
    But,this one is so unusual,with some exotic ingredients,I haven't tried yet. Looks so gooooood!

  3. Thanks Diva Soap! I am really enjoying the pistachio butter! My co-worker can't get enough of it! Look forward to seeing your blog!

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