Thursday, March 20, 2014


Have you heard of "Crackling" in soap?

This is when your soap will overheat and results in uneven cooling, causing the glycerin in your soap to pool around together.  Kenna from "Modern Soapmaking" has a great Blog about this: "Troubleshooting Crackling and Glycering Rivers".  There are soapers that get creative with this look and use it really well in their design...I try to avoid.  Well, I did try to avoid it.

I purchased some Coconut Milk from the store the other day and decided to use it with my next soap.  I was curious to use a new fragrance " Eucalyptus and Thyme".  I have never soaped with Eucalyptus, only because to me the fragrance is so close to mint that I get a little nervous on how my allergies would react.  But I was surprise to find out that I was able to soap with it very well.  But boy is it STRONG!!!  My house smells like a jar of Vicks Vapor Rub :).  Too bad I don't have a cold, because it sure cleared up my sinus!

But I am getting distracted and not telling you about my "Crackled" soap.  I used my Coconut Milk and happily mixed in my fragrance as I cleared my sinus ...I decided to try the "Tiger Stripe Swirl" and was very happy that my soap mix was behaving.  For some reason I decided that I wanted my colors to pop more..I decided I was going to insulate my soap.

Coconut Milk!!!
 Titanium Dioxide!!!  
What was I thinking?  
Apparently the fragrance cleaned up more than my sinus!  

I woke up in the middle of the night with one single thought.  MY SOAP IS GOING TO OVERHEAT!  I sprang out of bed (nearly scared my hubby to death...but not enough because he went back to sleep) and ran to the kitchen to uncover that soap.  Too late...I knew I was in for it the next day.  So today I present to "Crackled" soap:

Can you see some of the Glycerin Rivers?  

I will say that I was a little disappointed with the crackling.  I was pretty happy with my stripes, but not much with the crackling.  

Well...that will teach me :)

And if that was not enough...have you seen what happened to me the other day when I tried to make Lilac Soap in the column mold?  If you haven' you go:

This is what happens when your mold is not tightly secured and you pick up the top without holding the bottom part!!! soaping diaries :)

I also wanted to share a cute little animation that I recently had made.  Kirsty, an independent artist in, made it for me.  Her site is:

I think it's pretty cute!  I can't remember when was the last time I had that much bouncy hair!  I think that's probably why I love it so much!  

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  1. The color combination of both dark and light green is beautiful. And it does not matter if there is some glycerine rivers or not. Still a very beautiful soap. I thought that coconut milk would not overheat because it does not contain the same sugars as dairy. The only soap I insulate is pure olive oil soap and sometimes the soaps almost overheat if they contain milks. I just hate patial gels...

    1. I always get nervous about partial gels as well...those power circles, they sneak up on me!
      Thank you! :)

  2. I think it looks fabulous! I love these greens (especially the brighter one), what are they?
    Sorry for the lilac soap, did it leak much, or did you manage to stop leaking?
    You look great on that illustration, ;-)

    1. Thanks Maja! I used a green oxide for the darker green and green mica for the lighter one. For the Lilac soap I was able to stop the rest of the soap from coming out and ended up with only three 1 inch bars. It was heart breaking!

  3. Love your tiger stripe and the colors! The crackled look doesn't affect its beauty, but I know what you mean about trying to avoid it.
    Sorry to hear about your lilac soap. I hope not everything leaked out.
    The illustration is adorably cute! :-)

  4. Despite your glycerine rivers, the soap look really good, Roxana! I haven't noticed it before reading your post! Green is one of my favourite colours and the 2 versions of green you used are so beautiful. Sorry for that liliac soap, the colour looks gorgeous.It happened to me too when using Pringles box as mold.

    1. Thanks Natalia! I am pretty happy with the contrast of the greens :)

  5. I think it's a beautiful soap Roxana, crackling or no. The colours are vibrant and your tiger stripes are lovely.

    Your lilac soap looks like it was beautiful even if it didn't come out of the mould properly. Were you able to re-use all the leaked soap?

    The animation's adorable! I noticed it on FB and was going to say something about it, but again, my ADD got in the way. But your cartoon self is adorable.

  6. Thanks Monica! :) I was not able to save the soap that was all over the table, only just what was left in the mold :(

  7. The glycerin rivers are not that noticeable, the bold green stripes really capture your eye. And boy are those swirls STUNNING! I love the little avatar too, so cute! =)