Sunday, December 16, 2012

Liquid Soap

I recently had the bright idea that I wanted to try my hand at making Liquid Soap.

 It seems that every time I show a friend or family a bar of my cold press soap they always inquire about liquid soap. :(

 I get it.  Not everyone gravitates to the bars of soap anymore and would prefer soap in a bottle instead.  I was one of those...until I tried cold press soap, and now there is no going back!

But, to make some friends and family happy for the holidays I decided to try it out.  I did some research online and watched a couple of YouTube videos. 

This is a pretty good video from Soaping 101 about making Liquid Soap, I did not try it, but I thought I would share it :)

So instead I decided to purchase a video tutorial from Anne-Marie at Brambleberry, see below for the link:
Liquid Soapmaking - Brambleberry

I must say that this liquid soap business is not for those that have limited patience!  It took me about most of the day and carried out the following day....and then once I had my paste done I had to wait for most of the day to dilute into the water for my final product.

Here are a couple of pictures of the process...
Here is the start...

About 2 hours later...

Sorry I will not be able to show you a picture of the thick paste.  For some reason I thought I took a picture of this stage but I can't seem to locate it.

For here is the final result.  About 2 days later :(

I had some challenges with the final result.  The soap did not thicken enough, even with the recommended saline water mix.  I am also trying to get used to the full Olive Oil/Castor Oil smell of the soap.  It's not bad, but I am not used to it.  We are currently using it to wash our hands and so far I have not heard any complaints from the family.  I think next time I will try a recipe with other oils besides Olive Oil and Castor Oil...

In the end...I think I will stick with Cold Press soap for now :)

Thanks for checking out my blog!


  1. Liquid soap can be a bit frustrating the first time you try it, but if you keep working at it, you'll soon be a pro! It think your batch looks great and the red color is just so cheerful. :)

    1. Thanks Anne-Marie! I will try again with maybe less water next time around

  2. Love the red colour!

    I've been playing with liquid soap lately and there's a few varying methods if you wanted to keep trying. The easiest I found was with Glycerine in place of the water and that turned out so nice and thick without requiring any thickening agents.

    1. Thank you Soapi! I think I may try with Glycerin next time around. I am curious about this Liquid Soap challange and want to try with different oils. Thanks for checking my blog!

  3. I would love to try liquid soap, but I'm not brave enough yet! Good for you Roxana...I think it looks great!

    1. Thank you Cee Gee. I must say that I am more curious than brave!! LOL! I am curious to try with Glycerin instead of water and maybe different oils. Give me a couple of weeks to build some courage!