Tuesday, February 25, 2014

My Turn! 40 Things About Me

I have been enjoying the latest blogs where some of our fellow soapers share a little bit about themselves.  Recently I shared a couple of things about me, but I also had a chance to read the "40 Things About Myself" blogs from Silvia from SoapJam and Monica from Bubbles in My Head.  I thought...why not.  It was so much fun to read about and learn more about them.  I will post one too!

Gosh...this was harder than I thought it would be

  1. I live in Oakley, California (USA).  About 1 hour away from San Francisco

  1. I am allergic to mint...I start getting all shaky and I can feel my blood pressure going a little weird.  I can eat certain mint candies, but cannot do Candy Canes.  I almost had a really bad reaction during a Craft Fair because I had mint soap displayed close by.

  1. I was born in El Salvador, Central America and immigrated to the United States when I was 10 years old.   
  1. Most people think I was born in Mexico...but I did marry a Mexican.  My kids will have the luxury of saying  that both their parents were born in two different Latin countries, but my kids don't like hispanic food :(

  1. I wanted to be an Illustrator and finished one year of Art University.  Unfortunately I was not able to keep up and for financial reasons dropped off.  Now I watch Disney and Pixar movies and wonder of what could have been...yet I struggle with color schemes in my soaps!

  1. I have three young children, ranging from 6 years to 2 years.  Two boys: Alex and Nicolas, and One girl: Sofia.  They were all born premature at exactly 33 weeks, all of them.  The number 33 may be my lucky number :)  

  1. I LOVE ICE CREAM...and my favorite one is World Class Chocolate from Baskin Robins :)

  1. My astrology sign is Cancer… and it suits me exactly.  I can be pretty shy and much the wallflower and can get pretty crabby at times

  1. I collect cooking books and like to think that I can make fancy, exotic meals.  The truth is far from it.

  1. I would love to make fancy cakes and cookies, but can’t bake for the life of me.  My kids will not touch the cookies I make

  1. I had surgery at the age of 10.  I accidentally broke a window while trying to open it and ended up slicing down to the side of my thumb.  Fortunately I had a great surgeon and ended up with no tendon or nerve damage.  I still have the scar and during cold nights my thumb does tingle a bit

  1. When I was about 8 years old my dad almost lost me in the bus.  He tried to help me climb down from it at the bus stop and before he could grab me the bus driver started to drive away.  I remember seeing the panicked face of my father as he saw me drive away in the bus.  Luckily I was able to get off the bus at the next stop.  My father does not admit it but I think to this day he feels very guilty …I like to remind him LOL

  1. I LOVE CHOCOLATE…like you will not believe

  1. I love to listen to Soundtracks.  I can sit for hours and enjoy the Soundtrack for “The Black Stallion Returns” and “Meet Joe Black”

  1. I LOVE to read, but I have an obsession with Historical Romance Novels.  My Kindle is full of them.

  1. I like to think that one day I can write a romance book as much as I keep reading them…they are all starting to read the same.

  1. I have the biggest admiring crushes on Charlie Hunnam from “Sons of Anarchy” TV Show, Henry Cavill – “Super Man”…but I swoon with Taylor Kitsch from “John Carter”…my husband rolls his eyes 

  1. My favorite season of the year are when Summer turns to Fall…I love the crisp change in weather

  1. BUT my REAL FAVORITE time of the year is when Christmas arrives.  It is a very magical time for us.  My oldest son was born on Christmas Day, after years of trying we were finally given a very special gift

  1. My favorite romance movies are Pretty Woman, Titanic, Steel Magnolias and How to Lose a Guy in 10 days

  1. My favorite action/adventure movies are all “Lords of the Rings” movies… all three of them

  1. I don’t play sport…I can barely watch any long enough to keep any interest

  1. I have no clue how to change a tire.  I’ve had three flats and all three times I’ve called my husband to come change it

  1. I am forever trying to loose weight, so far not succeeding.  I am currently trying Yoga to see if I can stick to it.  I can barely walk in the morning it hurts so much!!!

  1. I have two sisters.  I am the middle child…that may explain a lot of things about me 

  1. My oldest sister loves to bake and is pretty good at it…did I mention I am not at all?

  1. My youngest sister DOES NOT BAKE.  She will go to the store and buy.  She is smart and does not even try it

  1. My oldest sister is a major organizer.  She plans a year ahead.  I plan a week ahead.  My youngest sister is calling me the night before to find out what the plan is.  My mom has learned to adjust to it

  1. When my husband went to ask my parents for my hand in marriage my mom did not cry from happiness.  She very seriously looked him in the eye and asked him if he was sure…if he was really ready.  I guess I should be insulted, but to this day I laugh

  1. My husband tells me I am high maintenance.  I like to think that I just keep him guessing

  1. My father used to take us camping when we were in our teens.  We all packed in the back of our truck and set up tents at campsites all over the West Coast and North of USA.  One of our favorite places is Yellow Stone Park.  Nothing like seeing the Buffalo up close

  1.  I love buying shoes…but lately it has been replaced with buying fragrance oils 

  1. I wear a lot of black clothes and have only one or two pastel color shirts

  1. I turn 40 years old this year and I may be heading to a mid life crisis.  I found myself listening to rock the other day in the car and screaming at the top of my lungs as I tried to sing the song.  The guy driving in the lane next to me thought I was crazy

  1. I have many friends, but not many close ones. 

  1. I am very happy to have found soaping, and much happier to have discovered the world of Soap Blogging.  I enjoy to read about others adventures and admire their soaps.  I should leave more comments, but half the time I am catching up on reading during my break or lunch hours at work and I read a lot of the blogs via phone

  1. Every now and then I like to play with Polymer Clay.  I have learned to make clay beads and I keep telling myself that one year I will make a rosary for both my mom and mother-in-law

  1. I tried knitting, but can’t seem to finish the projects.  The only small  blanket I made was for my daughter.  I kept joking that the moment I would finish it I would go into labor.  I finished the blanket on June 17th and I went into the hospital with pain on June 18th.  She was born later that day

  1. I love dogs, especially little ones.  I have a long hair Chihuahua.  We call her Chi Chi.  Don’t ask!

  1. I can’t think of anything else to write :)
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  1. This was so fun! There were many things that I can agree with, but some totally not. Like Lord of the Rings. I almost fell asleep when I saw the first movie. I thought that it would never end :D
    My husband did not ask my parents for a permission to get married. We just called them the day before our wedding and told them about the marriage and that we are going right after that on our honeymoon. We wanted the wedding to be very private and just for the two of us and I think that was the best decision we have made.

    1. I did not think it was a big deal to ask my parents but my husband wanted to make sure he did the right thing. Little did he know my parents were happy to give me away!!! LOL

  2. I am so glad you did this! I really enjoyed reading your list and to know we have many things in common. I love ice cream and chocolate. I don't remember the soundtrack of Meet Joe Black but it is one of my favorite movies. Except for Steel Magnolias which I have not seen, I also enjoyed all the other movies you mentioned. I have an older sister and a younger sister. I don't have any sport and I don't know how to change a tire. And I love baking, soaping and dogs. :-)

    1. LOL!!! We have so much in common :) I love the last part in Meet Joe Black when all the fireworks go off. I always cry, not matter how many times I have seen it :)

  3. I really enjoyed your post, and have some things in common. I too, think Charlie Hunnam is hot, I love historical romance, and I love chocolate I enjoyed the lord of the rings, and the other movies you mentioned. Christmas is my favorite time of year. Thanks for sharing, it was fun to read.

    1. Thank you! :) I am happy that you stopped by and read it through.

  4. Oh you made me laugh Roxana! I think besides writing romance novels, you could write comedies as well. Have you ever read Janet Evanovich? I can totally see you writing in her style.

    I don't know how you find time to make soap and take care of a family and work. I've always said I admire parents, I can barely hold a conversation, let alone do all that you do. And you at least made the blanket for your daughter, so you can say you did complete one knitting project. I'm sure you'll find more time to do more knitting when you retire. ;)

    Thank you so much for doing your list of 40 things about yourself, I am so glad to learn more about Roxana the person. And thanks for the mention! :)

    1. Thank you Monica! I was inspired by you and Silvia and I said..why not. I have not read any of Janet Evanovich books but I have a friend which was obsessed with her. I should ask her to let me borrow some to read :)

    2. Yes, and when you become the next "Janet Evanovich" I can say I knew her when… ;)

  5. I enjoyed learning more about you, Roxana! I don't know if I could come up with 40 things about myself!

  6. Lovely, Roxana! I enjoyed this long list more than the other one :)
    Things we have in common: ice creams, chocolate, favorite season of the year, buying shoes and essential oils, Pretty Woman, being the the middle child.. :)
    Thanks you for making time to share with us more about you.

  7. You know, i had a serious crash on Keanu Reeves! He's the only conspiciously beautiful man I was crazy about. Generally, I don't like baby-like faces, not too glaring men's beauty. As always, you were so fun, I always enjoy reading your posts, as i always read with my lips stretched into a smile.
    This '40 things' essay is even better than soap!

    1. Thank you Maja. I love Keanu Reeves too...especially in "Speed" I was a little bummed that he did not do Speed 2 :(

  8. Oh my gosh, I laughed out loud at #29 Roxana...that's too cute! I'm totally with you on #33 too, I like to blend in, I think that's why I gravitate towards darker colors. I see so many other similarities too, we just might be kindred spirits! :D

    1. I think I agree with you :) (about the kindred spirits) :)