Sunday, February 23, 2014

Kimono Flower

I recently received a new order of fragrance oils...I think I am addicted to buying them!  My soaping closet it starting to burst and I don't think I am ever going to run out of fragrances for some time to soap with.  I laugh because I use to sneak in bags from the shoe shop (I am also addicted to buying shoes )  now I sneak in the house with my newly delivered fragrances.  My husband just rolls his eyes :)

One of the new fragrances that I receive is called Kimono Flower.  The vendors description of this fragrance:
"... mandarin and bergamot blended with soft jasmine petals and juicy raspberry; the heart is ylang ylang, sweet gardenia, and pink orchid; the base is rounded out with nuances of white moss, creamy amber, and vetiver"

 I am a little hit or miss with "perfume" kind of fragrance oils.  Some can be pretty strong for me and others are too light.  This one hit the mark, and its one of the first time that I have thought about doing a perfume.  I really like it.

I have also started to browse the internet for color inspiration.  I find myself getting stuck with the same color scheme over and over again...partly I think because I only have a small selection of Micas to work with.  I am dying to buy some more but my budget for soaping is a little tight this month.  

I went online and saw this and fell in love with it...

My reality turned out like this...

Yes...I need a little MORE work with my colors :)

I used powered Buttermilk and as much as I tried to prevent gel it still had some gelling in the middle. The fragrance worked really did start setting on me a little faster than I wanted to and my swirls were not as fluid as I wanted.

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  1. It's so hard not to buy new fragrances isn't it Roxana? I'm tempted every time I go into Otion. At least your fragrance addiction, you're putting it into something useful.

    Kimono Flower sounds beautiful, very floral without being overpowering. I like your colours, they may not match the swatch, but they're bright and combine beautifully.

  2. Your soap turned out so pretty. I think I'm a fragrance oil junkie lol. It is hard not to buy when they make sound so good. My fragrance oil cupboard is full too!

  3. I am just as addicted to fragrances as you, Roxana! Kimono flower sounds really good, and even though the soap looks different from what you envisioned, it looks fun and summery. :-)

  4. Totally fun,I agree! It's beautifuland the coloursare very pretty, but I know how you feel when the things go their way, instead of yours! No matter how my soap looks to others, when it's not as planned, I hate it a bit! :-)

  5. I have not thought of mixing blue and peach, but it looks good. Thanks for the inspiration.
    I have to stop buying new fragrances! :D I have decided that I buy only small bottles that is enough for one batch of soap. Now I have several bigger bottles and I don´t want to use the same fragrance over and over again.

  6. Your soap is gorgeous, Roxana, even if the swirls aren't quite as you wanted them. The colors are so pretty together. Sounds like a great scent, too!

  7. Your final product is gorgeous =)

  8. This fragrance sounds lovely, and the soap turned out beautiful, I love your colors just as much as the ones in the swatch, maybe more...yours are brighter and more vivid, I love it!