Thursday, June 27, 2013

Thinking Waterfall...thinking Yellow?

I have been stalking the You Tube site lately.  Trying to pick up some tips on how to do some soap piping.  I have been mostly watching frosting being piped into flowers, and envisioning how I can pull it off. 

I had this vision of "Hydrangea Tops"...well the vision certainly did not turn out the way I planned.  I need a little bit MORE practice to accomplish that skill.  Even though I must say that the video looked promising. Somehow the student did not deliver :(

This is the video that I was studying:


I need to keep watching!

Since I was going for "Hydrangea" tops I decided to use a mix of blue and yellow.  I wanted the blue to really pop, and the contrast with the yellow was certainly going to help. 

Here is a short vine video:

After I realized that I was not getting close to the what I was looking for, I grabbed a chop stick and textured some of the tops.  The end result was actually not so bad.
I am also really enjoying the fragrance that I used.  Natures Garden Tahitian Waterfall.  It's a very nice soothing, fresh scent.  I like it...and here is the description:
 sweet jasmine, wild lilies and violets, with the enchanting mist of a cool tropical waterfall.
Now, there is something I don't like about my soap...and that is that my Titanium Dioxide (TD) did not dissolve very well.  If you look really closely you can see some of the white specs.  That was a little disappointing.  I am certainly going to start using more of TD that dissolves in water instead of the oil type. 
but...I still like my soap! :)
Thanks for checking out my blog!


  1. Lovely soap! I like it! I hope you get the soap you have been envisioning!

  2. I love the white swirls in the yellow - that is a great color choice for the scent. You always make such beautiful swirls, Roxana!

    I really struggle with waiting long enough to get the soap batter thick enough to pipe. I know some folks put it in the fridge to cool down and thicken up, but I'm nervous I'd let it go too long and then I'd have a massive bowl-shaped soap :)

    1. Hi Chrissy. I got lucky this time around and my blue batter ended up setting fast which allowed me to pipe right away. Usually it takes me some time too.

  3. I like it too! The colors and swirls are almost too pretty. I would like one of those :)

  4. Wow, Roxana, your piped soaps are pure beauty!
    And yellow makes such a gorgeous combination with blue, love those soaps!

  5. Gorgeous soap as always. I don't see any white spots, but I would think they'd make a nice contrast to the blue and yellow. :)

  6. I love the way this turned out Roxana, the top is gorgeous and I love the colors you chose!

  7. I love those tops! That blue is so gorgeous and glitter just makes them shine. :)

  8. Wow, what a gorgeous soap, Roxana! You did a great job with the piping! The swirls are so pretty, too.