Saturday, May 4, 2013

Final Testing - Spring 2013 S.O.A.P. Team

This is the final post of the Spring 2013 S.O.A.P. mystery fragrances, for Bramble Berry  I will say that I have enjoyed this experience.  It has been so much fun!  I hope I get to have the chance  to participate again in the future. 

For my final post I wanted to see how the fragrances changed the color of the soap.  I decided to use a basic Soy Bean Oil recipe and no colors.  Just plain, natural soap.  Now I wanted to force gel and ended up warming up my stove to about 170 degrees, stuck the soap in the oven and turned it off.  Now I came back and noticed that my soap was starting to bubble!  I started to freak out and ended up taking it out.  I sure hope my fragrances did not burn off during the cooking :)

Here is what I came up with (don't ask why I started the numbering at the bottom...I was obviously not thinking!):

I hope you are able to see the differences in soap.  I don't think the pic is all that great. 

Fragrance #1 Stayed pretty light.  A nice white color.  This one is the fragrance that smelled like apples to me :)
Fragrance #2  Had a tiny bit of darkening to it.  Not enough to see much difference.  This one was the one that had a scent of men's cologne.
Fragrance #3 Also stayed pretty light.  This one was the floral fragrance.

Fragrance #4 is the fragrance that had the scent of Cool Sea Spray.  This one had a little bit of discoloration but not enough to see much difference.
Fragrance #5 is the Pineapple scent fragrance, and it's my favorite!  This one also stayed pretty light and it's a for sure winner for me!
Fragrance #6 Has a Coconut/Vanilla scent to it and it did discolor.  Of all the fragrances this is the one that discolored the most.

Fragrance #7 was my least favorite...the scent was like Dirt :)  ...wet forest.  No discoloration to it as well.

All in all, the fragrances behaved really well.  I soaped with just about all of them at about 95-100 degrees.  I had no problems with ricing or acceleration with any of them.

Thank you once again to Bramble Berry for such an awesome experience!  I look forward to the big reveal!

Thanks for checking out my blog!

Happy Soaping!!!


  1. How fun! I am so happy you were able to be on the team this year and can't wait to see the results of everyone's testing. Keep you eyes peeled for the reveal of the mystery fragrances. =)

  2. I love how you kept the soaps plain to see how they performed with color!! Wonderful testing notes and the pics really show the changes!! Awesome!
    -Andrea =)

  3. Looks like you got some great scents to test! It seems like they behave well and don't discolor too much. I'll have to try to get on the panel one of these years - it sounds like fun!

    1. Jenny you would be perfect! and with your videos I would certainly be tuning in!

  4. What a great idea to test the scents for it!