Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Testing Fragrance 6 & 7

I was finally down to the last two.  The last fragrances from Bramble Berry's Mystery Fragrance Testing

These two had me split right in the middle.

Fragrance #6 had a nice Coconut scent to it.  It made me think of suntan lotion :).  Definitely a warm, summer fragrance for me.  But interestingly as I was soaping with it I detected a hint of masculine fragrance note to it. 

Fragrance #7 just smelled like dirt to me...sorry.  That's pretty plain way to describe :(

Both fragrances soaped very well.  I decided to try the Tiger Stripes technique again with Fragrance #6 and it was really nice.  No acceleration or ricing.  This batched I did not gel.  So far the fragrance is sticking pretty well.  It's definitely a winner for me.  Here is a pic:

I think the Tiger Stripes came out pretty cool.  Much better that what I did with the Tiger Stripe Challenge  recently :(.

Now Fragrance #7...I was trying to figure out what colors to use for this soap.  It really did smell like dirt.  Wet dirt...then I closed my eyes and concentrated, and then I started to detect faint scents of pine...and marsh...interesting.  I started to recall memories of walking through Muir Woods Park after a rainy day.  I smelled the wet dirt, grass and pines.  Interesting...so I decided to used greens and browns for this soap.  This is what I came up with:

The fragrance did very well.  There was no acceleration or ricing.  This one I gelled. 

I have one more post to do about these fragrance experiences.  I was able to save enough fragrance for each to do a test with just natural soap and no additives added.  I am hoping to do that tomorrow night.  I want to see if there is any change in color to the soap batter for each fragrance.

I also just soaped my Leopard Spots soap this evening, for the Leopard Soap Challenge.  I can't wait to tell you all about that experience...It had me crying, laughing and sweating. :)  Never a dull moment!!!

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  1. They both are so beautiful, Roxana. I was laughing at your description of f.o. no.7! Smells like dirt, can't imagine that scent!? But,the soap is still great!
    I can't wait to read about your latest adventure, you are always so fun!

    1. Thank you Maja
      I get myself into some sticky situations at times, can't help but laugh about it all :)

  2. I super love the design that you created for mystery fragrance #6, it's such a creamy and decadent looking soap. Mystery fragrance #7 is such a fun one and I totally love your interpretation of it. Thank you so much for participating, I can't wait for the final reveal. =)

    1. Thank you for the opportunity! It has been so much fun!!

  3. Both soaps are gorgeous, Roxana! I love those tiger stripes, and the round soaps look so earthy. I wonder if scent #7 has heavy patchouli notes? Great idea saving a bit of fragrance so that you can test each in plain soap, too!

  4. Love soaps, Roxana! You impress me with your beautiful swirls!

  5. Beautiful as always. Fragrance 7 sounds like something kids would really enjoy.