Thursday, April 25, 2013

Happy Day For Me!

Happy Administrative Professional Week to me!

I have a full-time job during the day as an Executive Assistant.  I manage a calendar, schedule meetings, keep track of my boss and daydream about soap :).  This week is Administrative Professional Week, so imagine how excited I was to receive a gift card from my boss :)

I am going shopping!!!  I have been eyeing a wire soap cutters for some time now.  I have been trying to be very good about staying within my budget since last year I got a little carried away with soap molds and other supplies.  This year I am hoping to concentrate my purchasing funds towards fragrances and oils.  Yet this cutter is calling my name :)

They are pretty expensive and I have been eyeing one that I have seen in Etsy.  Here is the link and pic:

Now it comes in two sizes.  You can cut 1 inch soap bars or 1 1/4 inches.  I know most bars are about an inch thick...but how thick do you usually cut your bars?  Should I go for the standard or the thicker cut?

Either way, I must say I am pretty excited!!!

Happy Administrative Professional Week to Me! ;)
oh yes...thanks to my boss too! :)


  1. Squee! I have this cutter! I have the larger one, and even though I do sometimes find myself wishing I'd gotten the one-inch, I am very happy with it.

  2. What a thoughtful gesture from your boss! Great choice on the new cutter, I would choose the 1-inch bar size :)

  3. I have the 1" one, and I love it. Sounds like you've got a great boss - happy Admin Professionals Day to you :) You'll have to treat him / her to some soap you've cut with your new cutter!

  4. Congrats for your new toy,Roxana! I need to ask here: what is administrative professional week?
    I'm sharing your happiness, anyway!

  5. That's a nice-looking cutter! Have fun with it!

  6. Happy belated administrative assistantday. The cutter looks like a great purchase, it'll save you lots of hassle in the future.

  7. Congratulations! I too could not resist - though I had to go with the "farm house special" and buy the much cheaper cheese slicer version hahaha :) Those wire type cutters ARE an EXTREMELY needed addition to any soapers tool collection!