Thursday, April 18, 2013

Testing Fragrance 4 & 5

I was able to test Fragrances 4 & 5 from Bramble Berry's mystery fragrance tests.  I must admit that these two I was really excited to soap with.  I really like these fragrances and had all kind of ideas running in my head.

Fragrance #4 is was definitely a Sea Breeze kind of a fragrance.  It was cool, and very refreshing.  I close my eyes and what came to mind is a cool sea breeze, and the spray of fresh sea water.  I wanted to do some blues for sure.  I decided to use  Bramble Berry's Column Mold for this soap:
Now the colors came out a little lighter than I wanted...and instead of using the water dissoluble titanium dioxide I used the oil kind and I ended up with little tiny flecks that did not dissolve really well.  But aside from that mishap, the fragrance tested very well.  There was no acceleration or ricing.  The scent also held up really well. 
I ended up storing this one in the fridge to prevent gelling and the crackling that I have been experiencing lately :(

Fragrance #5 I must say is one of my favorites.  It definitely has some type of pineapple in it for sure and lately I have been on this whole pineapple fragrance kick.  Imagine how excited I was when I discovered this fragrance as one to test. :)

So all I could think of was pineapple...and yellows and dark greens.  I had no problems with it.  It soaped very nicely and allowed me to do my "in the pot swirl" tops :).  No acceleration or ricing...and the scent held up very well.  I can't wait to find out what this one is  because I will definitely be stocking up on it!!!  This is what I ended up with.

I have two more to go and I am hoping to have the results to you over this weekend.  Stay tuned!
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  1. Isn´t it fun testing all these new fragrances and you have no idea what they should smell like? :) Both soaps are beautiful, but the blue round one is very appealing.

  2. Mmm, I love pineapple too Roxana!! And the blue soap is gorgeous, one of those happy coloring accidents haha!!

  3. Love the 2nd soap, the swirl is so original!
    The round one is very lovely, and the fragrance suits it so well!

  4. Both are great,you really did an excellent job on these! I love both swirls and beautiful colours!

  5. Both soaps are beautiful, Roxana! I love the swirls in the pineapple one. Sounds like some great FOs so far!

  6. Lovely soaps Roxana, I'm totally digging the pineapple one!

  7. I love the green in the pineapple soap, Roxana! Fantastic job - good job with the reviews!