Monday, April 15, 2013

Testing Fragrance 2 and 3 - Spring 2013 S.O.A.P. Team

I finally got to posting my results for Fragrance 2 and 3 of Bramble Berry's Spring 2013 S.O.A.P. Team

I have been a little under the weather and have been really trying hard to fight off a cold.  Finally gave in and ended up staying home from work today and catching up on some needed rest and recovery.  I am lucky that my parents are able to watch my kids during the day, so that allowed me to take some cold medicine and sleep it off. 

Back to soaping...

Fragrance #2... well this one was definitely a "masculine" fragrance.  My hubby thought it smelled like the cologne Fahrenheit.  I could not place it, but knew for sure it was pretty masculine :).  So I started to take a poll from friends and family.  What colors to use?  A lot of blue came back and some browns, teals??? and gray.  Hmmm, that's a thought.  Blue and Gray.  So I decided to get going with my two colors.  Now I did not have any gray mica so I decided to improvise and used pearly white mica and activated black charcoal...he he..used too much black that's for sure. 

I must say that I had no problems what so ever with this fragrance.  I took a little bit longer to work with the color since I was having such a hard time with the right gray that I wanted, so I was lucky that this fragrance allowed me to play around and it did not set up on me right away.  In the end I got a little carrie daway with how much mica I used and I had to ask my hubby if he minded blue/gray bubbles :)

LOL!!! Here are the results:

Yes...I know you are probably saying...that's A LOT of blue :)
he he he...yes I know. 

But I am happy to report that the fragrance came through a winner and it's still pretty nice and strong :)

Now...Fragrance 3
This was a floral.  I was a little nervous.  I've had my some pretty challenging experiences with florals in the past.  We are not even going to bring up "Gardenia".  "Gardenia" and I are still not in speaking terms...

Based on these past experiences I decided  to go pretty safe.  So all I used for this fragrance is titanium dioxide for the base of the soap and I decided to use three mica pencil lines to insert some color in the soap.  I also attempted the mica swirl top and I must say that I was pretty happy with how it came out :)...even though it was still a little runny, but I am getting there.

Here is a pic

I am still having trouble figuring out which floral note is in the fragrance. I am familiar with it for sure, but can't place it.  For some reason I keep thinking Morning Glory...not sure why, but I am eager to find out what's behind this fragrance.  I am happy to report that I had no problems what so ever with this batch.  This fragrance soaped beautifully.  I did soap at a lower temp, Oils at 95 and Lye Water at 90, and it came through like a winner.  No acceleration or ricing.  Definitely a winner for me!

Well...I a hoping to bring you Fragrance #4 and #5 by end of this week, until them...

Thanks for checking out my blog !!!
Happy Soaping!


  1. Love the soap with triple pencil lines! And I think that the mica swirls are pretty too. It doesn´t look runny at all.

  2. Love the blue soap! But the pencil line is my favorite; so delicate, gorgeous!

  3. Both soap are gorgeous, but the pencil line soap is WOW!

  4. I love the blue and gray together, and the pencil lines are so pretty! Both scents sound great. I would have been nervous about the floral one, too, but I'm glad that it behaved for you! It's always good to find a well-behaved floral FO.

  5. Blue is a great masculine colour, so it just kinda reinforces the scent psychologically.

    Love what you did with fragrance 3, I think of angel food cake looking at that. (I think I'm on a sweets obsession). LOL about gardenia, I hope you and it can make up and be friends one of these days. :)

    1. LOL! Thank you! You know I have a full bottle of Gardenia Fragrance in my soaping closet and I have been itching to try it again :)

  6. I am so happy you are able to test our mystery fragrances, I can't wait to reveal them. I'm totally loving what you did with fragrance #3, it's an absolutely gorgeous design. Can't wait to read more about your testing. Happy Soaping! =)

    1. Thank you Anne-Marie! I am having so much fun! Thank you for the opportunity :)