Sunday, March 24, 2013

Pink and Natural

I have been wanting to try my hand at a "natural" colored bar of soap.  I have some clays on hand so I figured "why not?"

My vision was of a soft colored cream soap with some pretty pink mixed in...the "actual" was nothing like the dream  - ha!

I used Bentonite Clay for the cream part, and now that I think about it, I should have used Kaolin Clay...but I did not want to go too white.  For the rose part I used Rose Clay...and I am thinking that I may have used to much.  To me it resembles more the color of red brick than the soft rose I was envisioning. 

I was very happy with how the fragrance behaved.  I used a dupe fragrance: "Pleasures"
It actually came out pretty nice, and sometimes dupes end up being very perfumy...but this one was  soft.  I think this will probably end up with my personal stash.

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Happy Soaping!



  1. This is very pretty soap. It doesn´t look brick red in the pictures. More like a soft earthy pink.

  2. So pretty Roxana...the rose color is so vibrant and the swirl is so pretty! I really like clay in soap, it makes the lather so silky.

  3. It's beautiful,Roxana! Great colours and such a lovely swirl. I wouldn't keep it just for myself.

  4. The red is nice, not pinky, but more of a deep blush. It's a very pretty contrast to the cream colour.

  5. Nice soap, Roxana, so delicate!
    You always obtain beautiful swirls!

  6. I think it's just gorgeous, Roxana! It looks like a deep rose color to me. The swirls are fantastic!

  7. Thank you everyone! You are awesome cheerleaders and I appreciate all your compliments and words of encouragements!!!