Friday, March 15, 2013

Tuxedo Soap

I have been dying to use this Activated Charcoal Powder that I recently purchased.  Wondering if I can pull off just a simple color scheme of black and white.  My "Tuxedo Soap" I call it.  I also wanted to make it extra special and make it a Goats Milk soap as well.  For reason I have been stuck with milk soaps.  It must be due to the recent failure with the Buttermilk that I just seem to enjoy a challenge...or punishment...and I seem to be gravitating to the milk :o)...and to the punishment too :o)

So gathering my supplies I started to wonder what fragrance to use.  I was thinking that if you saw a tuxedo soap you would think more of a masculine soap.  The problem with that is that all I have been purchasing lately is floral fragrances!!! 

I started to dig in my soap closet and was able to come up with a scent that I thought may work with this color scheme: Tranquil Sleep from Wholesales Supplies Plus.  The vendor describes it as: the soothing combination of lavender and warm, creamy vanilla

It's pretty nice...have not asked the hubby yet what he thinks.  He has been staying away from my soaping station lately :o)

It soaped beautifully!  I was able to work on the design that I was hoping to do.  I must say that I am doing my HAPPY DANCE!!! Yay!!!

Here are some pics :)

I have a another "milk" soap batch curing and hoping to unmold soon!
Thanks for checking out my blog!!


  1. Wow, what gorgeous!
    So beautiful swirl, Roxana, congratulations!

  2. Beautiful, Roxana! I love how the swirls came out with only two colors!

  3. Wow,perfect, Roxana! I love black&white soaps. And I like this thick black swirls! So beautiful!

  4. Wow, that is drop.dead.GORGEOUS!!!

  5. Those swirls are gorgeous, Roxana! Bravo!

  6. Thank you everyone! I must admit that I don't think I am going to use this soap...I am going to keep it on the shelf and stare at it :)

  7. One of the most white&black soaps I have ever seen!

  8. Gorgeous swirls, no wonder you were doing the happy dance. :-)