Monday, February 18, 2013

Lilac and the missing 2 pound mold

The other day I was able to make two soap batches in one day.  It was a rare occasion for me.  I usually can only do one and sometimes I end up doing it late at night when the kids have finally gone to bed. 

Well I took a day off at work and while the kids where at daycare and school I went to work.  I was so excited!  I went to the store and bought Buttermilk and Yogurt.  I have been curious lately about making soap with these two ingredients :)

I ran both of my recipes through my soaping software that I have installed in my computer and off I went to make soap.  From a previous post you can see the soap that I made from Buttermilk.  Well I with my Yogurt Soap I decided to use Lilac fragrance oil.  The last batched I tried with Lilac did not go so well so I was hoping this time around it would be a success. 

I added the Yogurt to the oils, and when I finally added the lye water  I had to work quickly since the fragrance started to rice on me.  I used my stick blender to smooth it out a  bit but it did not allow me to any fancy swirls. 

Now, here is the kicker!

When I started to pour the mixture in the mold I started to realise that I did not have enough soap!  I was a little stumped...and then I panicked thinking that I had not used the correct amount of oils.  I reviewed my print out, and everything seemed OK...and then it hit me.  I did not resize my recipe to fit into the 3 pound mold!  I had made two 2 pound recipes. 

I only own one of each, 2 pound and 3 pound :o/...  Well that didn't make me too happy.  My soap bars were going to turn out a bit short.  sigh....

Oh well...I refused to let this get me down.  I was going to have Lilac Soap! with Yogurt!
So I finished it up and stored it in the fridge to prevent gelling

Here are the final bars:

I ended up cutting them a little thicker since they were not as tall :)
I think they came out OK...can't wait to try them out

Thanks for checking out my blog!
Happy Soaping!


  1. They still look great even if they are a little shorter - cutting them thicker makes up for it! I love the swirls and the purple is so pretty. I'm glad that the Lilac FO worked out better for you this time! I gotta try buttermilk or yogurt in soap sometime.

  2. Hey,what about you cut them into halves and get cute cubes (or parallelepipeds)? It's not that something's wrong with the way it is,but if you don't like it short...
    Nice purple colour and I'm glad f.o. was a easy to work with,I'm sure is such a relief.

  3. They look very pretty for me! Nice colours, and size is okey - so I don't see anything being wrong there. I'm planning to try lilac fo, but seller told that it will make soap brown. Yours isn't brownish at all, how did you avoid that?

    1. That is interesting that the vendor would say it turns the soap brown. I wonder if it has some vanilla content in their fragrance. I purchase mine from Nature's Garden and Rustic Essentials and I have no change color.