Saturday, February 23, 2013

Bad Milk...Bad Everything

What a sad night for me...

No pretty soaps to write about.  What a long, sad face I have...

This evening I decided to try my hand at Buttermilk again.  I weight the milk and placed it in the freezer till it got really nice and slushy.  Well as soon as I started to add the Lye it began to curdle on me.  That was a bummer...I pulled out my books, checked the forums...what to do, what to do?  Well in the end I decided to forget about the Buttermilk soap and just try to make soap with distilled water since I already had all my oils ready.

Well get soon as I added my lye water to my cooled oils guess what happened?  My soap mixture started to curdle!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!!!  :o

I really tried to see if the blender would smooth it out a bit, but sadly I just don't think I will be able to rescue it.  So much for soaping tonight!

I am thinking that the reason why it curdled on me was because the lye water may have been too hot and the oils to cool.  Lye water was at 111 degrees and my oils had dropped down to 94 degrees.  What do you think?

Me? I'm a little frustrated and I am heading to bed.  We will try another day! 

Thanks for checking out my blog! 
Happy Soaping! :)


  1. Ohhh,I'm so sorry to hear that 'soap gremlins' like visiting your soap kitchen from time to time.
    Did you put your fragrance into the oils before adding L/W? If you did,that might be the reason,because I've had that happening to me. But if you did not,then I have no idea what it could be. I don't think it was temperature, sounds ok to me.
    I'd like to hear what others think!

    1. I did add the fragrance to my oils the second time...I used Ginger Pear. I guess my lye water did not like it :(

  2. Ahhh, you must have been so frustrated :( Were you adding your lye to frozen buttermilk? As for the actual soap curdling, I've only had that happen with a particular fragrance oil. I suppose the higher lye water temp could have caused the soap to move faster too. Were you using the full amount of water? Hopefully your next batch will be smooth sailing!

    1. I added the lye to the Buttermilk when it was a bit slushy. I did not froze the Buttermilk all the way. That's what I did wrong, now I realise. Next time I am going to freeze it straight to ice cubes and hope that it works better