Monday, August 27, 2012

Fun Weekend

Ok...I had a pretty interesting soaping weekend.  I decided to cave in and attempt to make "Gardenia Soap" for a good friend.  Well there I was happily soaping away...mixing my lye and oils.  Separating my batch so I can attempt some swirls and before you know it I go back to the main soap mix and hard as soap completely went hard on me.  Soap on a stick for sure!  I could not even scooped it out to attempt to get it in the mold.  Well that was pretty frustrating! 

Well...did I give up?  Heck no...after all I still have some more fragrance oil on hand so I decided to give it another try.  There I go again.  Working fast this time for swirls, just a plain nice soap with hopefully some texture on the top.  Well, got it all in the mold and out of the corner of my eye I spy the Shea Butter. 

WHAT!!!! I forgot the Shea Butter!!! I really wanted to cry...

Well sorry Rowena, no Gardenia Soap for now.  Time to take out the Crock Pot and melt it all down. comes Sunday and I am feeling pretty frustrated because I had hoped to have some pretty soap to show for.  So I decide to try the new Brambleberry Pink Grapefruit fragrance oil.  Very nice and soft...I wondered if it would hold off in the Cold Press.  So there I go.  Went pretty basic with just a touch of pink on the top.  Well, I need to practice my colors for sure.  I decided to use the Rose Mica that I had on hand.

Rose...hmmm...that will be "no" in cold press soaping.  Imagine my face as my soap turned a gooey gray.  I really wanted to bang my head on the counter.  So I finished pouring and tried some texture.  Made sure I insulated it pretty well and off to bed it went. 

Checked it today.  Well at least the gray color faded off a bit.  The smell is amazing.  Very light Pink Grapefruit.  Not too sweet, kind of flirty :o).  I am also liking the nice cream color of the soap.  Now all I have to do is polish my coloring skills I am may be almost a quarter of a way there!!!

Here is a picture...that textures did not happen I may add.  The towel pushed down on the soap and the plastic wrap that was covering the soap flatten out all the nice design on top.  Yes...banging my head on the counter :o(


  1. So sorry to hear about all of your frustrations on Saturday! I've had the soap-on-a-stick before and had to mash it up and glop it in the mold. Not very pretty, but usable. Your Pink Grapefruit soap turned out beautifully, though - I'm glad that the rose color came back. Sounds like a yummy scent, too!

  2. Hi Jenny!
    Thanks for the support. It was pretty fustrating at the timne but I can look back now and laugh about it and know what I should avoid doing in the future. It's all part of the learning process :o)

  3. I just finished looking through your blog and it's great! The soaps are beautiful,no matter they give you a headache sometimes, and the way you write us so funny,so interesting,so spontaneous...
    I'm definitely looking forward to reading and seeing more of your work,Roxana!

    1. Thank you Diva Soap! I'm really enjoying my learning process n blogging about it! :)