Sunday, August 26, 2012

Starting from page 1...

So here I am...starting from page 1 you can say, with a few peeks here in there in between pages.  Yes, sometimes I do that.  I guess because I get antsy and try to figure out which way it's going.  I can say that it is cheating, but I don't do it all the time.

But I have learned that there really is no cheating in soaping.  You need to research, and read about it.  You need to make sure you follow the safety requirements to avoid some pretty nasty accidents and above need to be patient.

Patience...I know my hubby and mom are laughing, because I don't have much of it :o).  But I think I am getting better.  Especially with three kids under the age of 5...I am getting there!

So with the little patience that I have and the laptop at my disposal the research began.  Thankfully there is a lot information out there, and Google is definitely your friend, and if you can't find it in Google certainly you will find it from the wonderful support that you find in Soap Forums.  I think I have picked up a lot of tricks and tips from these wonderful soapers that meet up daily in these forums.  The many times I have either gotten soap on a stick (the soap starting setting too fast in my bowl)  or my soap was overheating (due to soaping with milk) I run to my favorite forum and scream for help!...Someone always saves me by the way.  I love Soap Forums :o)

So I wait till the kids are safely in bed, or least the baby is safely sleeping - have the hubby watch the two little rascals and off I go to read all about it. 

Little by little I gained a little courage, scrapped up some dollars, purchased some oils, soap molds, books filled with recipes and off I go, trying to create a beautiful bar of soap...just like the one's in the forum...sigh....not likely on my first try...but I will get there...eventually. 

These are my soaping diaries...Pink Sudz Soaping Diaries

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