Thursday, February 13, 2014

Happy Valentines!

Happy Valentines to all!

Its is Valentine's Day and what else to do but come up with a Rocking, Pink, Romantic Soap.  That is the it ended up in the end it's another story! :o)

I have been admiring all these soaps with delicate swirls.  The soap base would be a solid white or cream color and there would be a couple of delicate swirls, dancing on the top.  I can't seem to come close to that technique.  I get carried away with my color and before you know it I have all these out of control swirls.  I just need to figure out how to be a little conservative with my color!  Especially with my reds and pinks!

I really like the play of the gold within the pink/red.  I read in a blog that the soaper was really happy with the 14K Gold Mica that she purchased at TKB Trading, and I remembered that I had some in my color box!

Once again I tried to use embeds on the top.  These are suppose to be "Hearts"...but according to my sister-in-law they look more like "Teeth Retainers" :o/...

Maybe next time I will try to position them differently.  

If you are wondering which fragrance I used, I tried a new fragrance from Rustic Escentuals, Mediterranean Garden.  It has a very nice light floral fragrance to it and it performed really well.  I am glad I was able to pick up a good supply since I purchased it on Clearance and it looks like they are now discontinued.

I have a long holiday weekend coming up and I am hoping to do some more soaping!

Thanks for checking out my blog!



  1. I know what you mean with those thin and delicate swirls. I can´t get them either :) I just use way too much colored soap. But I like this strong pink you got in this soap. It is one of my favorite colors.

  2. So very pretty Roxana, I love the way the gold is still shimmery on the top of this soap. You always get such gorgeous bold colors, and I love your swirls just the way they are!

  3. Beautiful soaps Roxana! I say if you're a colour gal you should embrace that part of you. :) The pink and gold are so gorgeous together. Your hearts look way better than the retainers I used to have to wear. ;)

  4. That bold pink and gold are GORGEOUS together! Your swirl is perfect. I love TKB's 14k gold too. It's the best one I've used. The gold is so sparkly in cp soap :0)

  5. Really pretty swirls Roxana - I love that you use plenty of colour - a great Valentine's soap!

  6. Beautiful swirls, Roxana! Perfect for Valentine's Day. Sometimes I hold back too much colored soap for my swirls, too, like I'm afraid of running out. Especially when I'm using a slab mold - I always think I need more than I actually do. I think your swirls are wonderful, though. The pink and gold are so pretty together. I don't think it's too much at all!