Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Back Again!

Yes!  I am back again after a sort of an extended leave :)

For the past month and a half my life has been consumed with packing and moving.  Just the packing alone was a nightmare and then having to figure out how to fit it in your new place had me pretty much pulling off my hair and with a huge headache!

Once in the new place it was just as challenging to find all my soaping supplies.  I was having my withdrawals and I was getting  pretty grumpy!  Then the holidays sneaked up on me and it was a race to wrap stuff up at work and go shopping in preparation for Christmas.


I managed to sign myself up for two craft fairs and ended up dropping out of one.  The one that I did participate was pretty fun.  It is interesting to see peoples reaction to your soap.  I am always a nervous wreck...afraid of what they would say about the designs and fragrances.  The feedback was VERY POSITIVE and by the end of the day I had sold about 80% of my stock which was pretty good.

I did find interesting that while I agonize about the ingredients of my recipe, people where not paying attention to the precious oils but instead where gravitating to the colors and fragrance.

Fast forward to soaping time!  I finally got the chance to soap :)
I was sooooo giddy and happy!!!  It did take me a couple of minutes to adjust to my new soaping space.  I noticed that I have more space to soap, which its really good since I tend to have all my colors and mixing bowls all around me.  At the other place I tended to feel pretty cramped.

I decided to go with "Loving Spell' from Natures Garden.
tantalizing fragrance oil by Natures Garden composed of sweet bouquet of mandarin orange, bergamot, and tangerine enhanced by hints of fresh peaches, strawberries, and raspberries on an undertone of white musk.

It's one of my favorites and has always behaved really well with me.  You are probably wondering what happened to the "Holiday Fragrances"...well, I skipped Christmas and went straight to Valentines =)

Here is my Loving Spell soap:

I got a little carried away with the red.  I used a droplet swirl and had envisioned more white and gold, versus all the red!  But I think its a pretty cool swirl =)

Now that I am settled, I promise to keep up my Blog more up to date!  

I hope you are all having a wonderful Holiday Season!  My oldest son was born on Christmas Day, Christmas is a most joyous event for all of us!

Thanks for checking out my blog!
Happy Soaping!


  1. Welcome back,Roxana! I'm glad you're finally settled, now you can start the new year from your new home, which is 'great- all new things at once :-)
    I made recently 'Love Spell' (mine was called 'Loving Hex') soap and I really like the scent. I'm almost sad I have it a little left.
    The soap looks super festive to me, with this red and gold, it's so elegant. And I'm glad you don't see this fragrance purple either. I just wonder- why did they ('VS') put it in the purple bottle?
    Happy b-day to your son and Marry Christmas and Happy New Year!
    Wishing you a wonderful time at your new home!

  2. Merry Christmas Roxana! Wow, you moved, did a craft show and had time to blog about your soap making?!? And celebrate your son's birthday? You are beyond amazing, you are superwoman!

    The swirling is mesmerizing, like it's cast a "spell" on whoever's looking at it. ;) I hope you and your family have a super wonderful Christmas.

  3. Wow, Roxana, those soaps look divine!
    Happy b-day to your son and Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  4. Welcome back Roxana, I've missed you! Glad to hear you are settled into your new space and have your soaping groove back. This is a beautiful soap for Valentine's day, just gorgeous swirling!

  5. Welcome back, Roxana! The swirls in your Loving Spell soaps are gorgeous! And congrats on the successful craft show. I hope that you had a wonderful and relaxing Christmas. (And happy birthday to your son!)

  6. Hey Roxana - congratulations on the move! I so understand your withdrawal symptoms - I move in about seven weeks time so am packing and decluttering like crazy and probably won't get to soap for such a long time :-/
    'Loving Spell' is just beautiful - the swirl is stunning!