Saturday, November 16, 2013

Time is Counting Down

Ack!  Time is counting down and I only have three more days before the Holiday Craft Fair that I have signed up for this year.  Last year I also waited until the last minute and realized as I was trying to figure out my layout that I did not have enough soap!

It's interesting just how much everything shrinks down as you start laying everything out.  Here is a pic of my little conservative set up

Sorry about the fuzzy pic...the lighting was not good and I used my phone. 
Now I was surprised and even SHOCKED that most of my inventory sold.  I was pretty stunned.  So I am going back this year with a little more inventory...I just need to make time between now and then to label it!  Nothing like the last minute I tell you!
So while I sit here trying to figure out how to label two boxes of soap and a box of wax melts I am also debating on my next soap batch.  I am hitting a bit of a wall.  I have been restless and have not been able to come up with some new soap in the last two weeks.  It's starting to get a little embarrassing!
When I started this blog I promised myself to at least post a new soap batch weekly.  I am so disappointed in myself. Yet here I sit, staring at a closet of fragrances just begging to be soaped and I can't decide on one. 
I think this craft show may have me nervous! 
I am thinking that once it is over it will come to me...
I hope it comes to me before I move.  The house sale will close soon and I need to start packing and be ready to move!!!
in the meantime...
Thanks for checking out my blog!!!


  1. Best wishes to you at your craft show, Roxana! You'll do great! I know that getting ready for a show can be overwhelming. It sounds like you've got a lot going on with the show and the upcoming move. Hopefully when things settle down the soaping muse will return to you. Again, good luck and I hope you sell lots of soap at the show!

  2. Good luck at your craft show, and congratulations on your house sale! Don't worry, inspiration will strike you when it's the right time...onward and upward! :D

  3. You'll do fabulously at the show Roxana, I'm sure those who bought from you last year will be looking for you again.

    It's definitely hard to fit your work life, personal life, and time to do what you want all into 24 hours. I'm sure you'll make up for lost time after your house sale. And good luck with that.

  4. I hope you did well at your craft show. You probably just have to much going on right now to be thinking of soaping, but when the time comes,I'm sure it will be gorgeous, like all the rest you do :)