Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Joy of Soaping

The "Joy of Soaping"

The excitement running through your veins as you mix your colors and carefully prep your oils.  The many designs and possibilities that run through your brain as you plan and believe that it will happen!

New powered Buttermilk (just recently purchased) joyfully mixed in with oils.  Lye and Oils carefully blended...thinking about those colors...thinking about that hanger swirl you will try...and then it happens.  You happily mixed your fragrance oil and it's working...nothing bad happening.

You reach for the first color and then decide to take out the silicone spatula out of your mix and notice...the DARN THING IS STUCK!!!

Within minutes my soap seized!  I would even say within seconds.  That baby worked fast!    I had to dump chunks of solid soap into the mold.  Tearfully thinking of my planned hanger swirl. 

Here are some pics:

As you can see towards the end it had even begun to gel. 
In my defense I must say that I was soaping in the low 90s..WOW.  Tricky fragrance,and in case you are's "Rapture" from Rustic Escentuals.  It is a very lovely fragrance, but let me tell you...proceed with caution!
Even my husband stopped by my station and had to ask "what happened?".  So sad I am. 
So then I figure I would go try out my new Light Box and take pictures of some of the clay ornaments I have been playing with lately for the kids "Santa Tree". of my ornaments is missing her legs!  Apparently the kids got a hold of it and decided to play.  =/ 
SOOOOO my husband stops by to see what pics I am taking and notices the leg-less Tinker Bell and he says...(yes, you guess it) "WHAT HAPPENED?!"
Thanks for checking out my blog!!!


  1. Roxana, Roxana, never cease to entertain me with your soaping! I feel your pain though :( So sorry the soap didn't work that fragrance a known seizer? (is that a word?!)

    That Tinkerbell ornament is so adorable, did you make it?!

    1. Thanks Cee :)
      I swear to you, trouble just finds me :)
      Yep, I made the little ornament. I am hoping to make a couple more for the kids to hang on their little tree this year :)

  2. O dear, I exactly know how you must be feeling. Even though I've never seen anything similar. I'm glad you shared these pics, they are so valuable! I must admit, I share Cee's feeling, you always turn your mishaps into funny story and that's great!
    Will you rebatch this naughty baby,or what?

    1. Im not sure if I am going to rebatch it yet. My husband doesn't like the smell of the soap in the crock pot. I will need to do it when he is not around

  3. Love visiting your blog Roxanan.....never know what I'am going to find LOL! Sorry about your soap...we've all been there!

    1. Thanks Gloria! Its been a couple of months since I had soap set on me that fast. I didn't think it was possible =)

  4. Oh no! :/ But yous soap looked like a cake. Did you cut the soap? I would be very curious to see how it looks like inside.

  5. Oh, no! So sorry to hear about your soap seizing. I have had a batch seize solid in the mixing bowl, too. I mashed it up and got it into the mold. It was usable, but not nearly as pretty as the swirled beauty I had had in mind!