Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sweet, Sexy, Summer...(FALL) Soap

Soapers collect a wide range of fragrance oils.  It's like an addiction.  You just start loading that shopping cart and never wonder how many soap batches it will take to use them all. 

I have been lucky that I have plenty of stock on hand right now, to the point that I can't figure out what to soap with.  For some reason I am having a really hard time getting into "Holiday Fragrances".  I am still loving the fruity, yummy, scents of summer.

Recently I have been eyeing one of my fragrance bottles that I purchased a couple of months back.  "Rocking the Stars" from Nature's Garden.  The vendor's description:
vanilla embraces succulent, ripe strawberries and the delicate floralcy of violets and jasmine.

It's pretty sweet and sexy, a nice fall fragrance for me.  At least I think so :)

With all the trouble with non-gelling my soap lately I decide to gel it this time around.  Now I wanted to stay away from the crackling and decided not to use any titanium dioxide.  I did use all micas, and mixed in a little ultramarine to my purple to make it a little deeper.

The fragrance started to thinken up on me pretty quick and I was not able to do the droplet swirls I was envisioning.  In the end I ended up doing a spoon swirl.  Here are the results:

I got a little carried away with my texturing on the top.  The soap had started to set on me so my tops are not nice and smooth, but a little jagged.  I also wanted to add some mica drizzling and in the end it actually looks more messy than anything else.

I must say that I LOVE that I was able to cut this baby right away!  With the non-gelling soaps I usually have to wait a couple of days.  With this soap it was ready the following day!  I need to try gelling more often :)

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  1. Beautiful soap, Roxana! The spoon swirl is so pretty, and it's a great technique to use if the soap moves quicker than you were expecting. I like the textured tops, too. I still have trouble getting texture on my tops, and I like the peaks on yours. Sounds like a yummy scent! I've been playing with my holidays scents lately, getting some soaps ready for Christmas.

  2. I think once you start buying your first few fragrances, there is an urge to collect more! :-)
    Your soap looks pretty! Love that shade of blue!

  3. Love your soap Roxanna....colors are beautiful!! I can't seem to get into the holiday scents yet myself.....I love the summer fragrances and pastel colors LOL!

  4. One more summer-scents lover here! And I don't think it's wrong!
    Beautiful colours, Roxana, what a gorgeous blue! And I like the top, not a mess at all to me!

  5. That fragrance sounds lovely - I've never really gotten into 'holiday season' fragrances, though I do have plans for an essential oil blend that might be considered 'Christmassy'.
    I have to agree with the other comments - I love your textured tops! They are what I often try for, but never actually achieve lol.

  6. When the weather's still trying to be nice out, it's definitely more difficult to get into the holiday mode and going for those scents. It's nice to have the choice to soap with all sorts of different scents.

    I really like your colour combo and of course your textured tops, so pretty!

  7. So pretty Roxana, I love the way gelling makes the colors deeper. That color combo is so pretty!