Monday, August 12, 2013

Where is the Yellow Brick Road?

Have you seen the movie "Oz the Great and Powerful"

I finally was able to sit down and watch it all in one sitting.  I love the special effects.  The colors are just amazing.  So bright!  Nice and colorful. 

Well I started thinking...well, why don't I make a "Wizard of Oz" theme soap...I will give me some practice for the new soap challenge I have signed up for: the "Holly Swirl" technique put together by Amy Warden from Great Cakes Soapworks.  Well  I certainly did not come close to it for sure.

I decided to do a nice green bar for the "emerald city", yellow for "the Yellow Brick Road", and Red for the "Field of Poppies".  I will tell you that I was pretty happy with my green.  It wasn't too bright and also not too dark.  Just the nice jewel tone I was going for.  Now the other two colors are a different story.

Take a look....It looks like some type of fireball! =0/

I used  the "swirl in the pot' technique for the yellow and red.  My soap ended up thickening up on me so I was not able to do the fluid swirls I was envisioning.  A pretty sloppy Yellow Brick Road for sure!
Then I started thinking ...well the Wicked Witch throws out at least the theme sort of worked :=0)
My other little dilemma was that I decided to gel this soap and in doing so I managed to squash down all my textured tops when I covered it.  I had some lovely tops with Mica Gold Swirls on top.  Imagine my dismay when I uncovered it and all I saw was a flat top with barely there mica.  =0/
In the end I was happy with my soap bars.  They are a little different and I like how the movie was able to inspire me and think out of the box to come up with a new soap theme. 
Thanks for checking out my blog!


  1. Your soap may not showcase the holly swirl perfectly, but I love the colors and I find it very pretty!

  2. No matter how you will call this swirl,weather it's 'Holly',or not, I like it. And I like so much this green,it looks more teal than green to me and I'm a huge fan of anything teal,or turquoise! The red-yellow part looks like lava to me and I see your soap as an erupting volcano in the middle of ocean. Ouch,should I have not said that?

  3. I love the way this one came out! The colors are bright and while maybe not totally OZ, still pretty close! Maybe more like the older version of the movie...if anyone asks say you did it in "technicolor" hehe :)

  4. Oh My Roxana! I love your soap...sooo colorful and the swirls do look a little like an eruping volcano LOL!

    1. Thank you Gloria! I think I am going to rename this blog and call it the "Erupting Volcano!" LOL!

  5. What a cool-looking soap, Roxana! Inspiration can be found in so many places. I love your tribute to the Wizard of Oz. I'll have to put the Holly Swirl on my to-do list!

  6. Lovely soap, Roxana! Great inspiration, and I find the turquoise very beautiful!

  7. It doesn´t look like fireballs! :D I love the color combination and it reminds me of orchids.

  8. Gorgeous Roxana, that green is so pretty! Love the swirls, and that almost looks like a firebird in the bottom picture...very cool!