Friday, August 23, 2013

Pretty Pastels

I am addicted to fragrance oils, and I am happy to say that I am probably not the only one.  You find this curious addiction with many soapers.  Once you get the bug of purchasing fragrance oils, you can't never get enough!  My soaping closet is filled with many little vials of different fragrances I have collected. I mainly purchase from Bramble Berry and Nature's Garden but recently I have started to branch out to other suppliers. 

Recently I discovered Rustic Escentuals, and decided to try some of their fragrances.  I was pretty excited to find Whisper among their selections.  Now why is that important?  because it smells just like Herbal Essence Shampoo and I LOVE THAT SCENT!!! 

I happily gathered my supplies and thought of a pretty color theme.  I decided to go with a soft pink and green.  To me that fragrance has always been a nice, soft, floral/tropical scent and I did not want the color to be too bright.  I also was not sure how this fragrance would behave so I decided for sure to soap at cool temperatures.

I was envisioning some  nice fluid swirls.  I was hoping that everything would work out.  Everything seem to be working great until I poured the fragrance in the soap batter.  Boy, did it start to rice pretty quick.  It was actually kind of cool to watch and also a little heartbreaking as I tried not to panic.  I ended up having to stick blend and smooth it down a bit. 

I had to certainly toss the idea of fluid swirls.  I was able to split the batch to color and by the time I poured the batter on the mold I was doing more spoon flopping than pouring =(.  I grabbed a spoon to do some type of swirls and packed this baby in the fridge and put it away for the night. 

Here are the result:

If you look closely you will see that this soap actually started to gel in the middle.  I was able smooth much of the soap down that some of the ricing was tamed down.  I LOVE THIS FRAGRANCE!  It's just like the shampoo and even though I had some problems with ricing I am definitely purchasing more and willing to work with this fragrance.
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  1. FO´s are very addicting. Even if I have 50+ at home I want to try more :) You got a very beautiful swirl and I like the textured top the most. So it was a good thing that the FO made the soap rice.

  2. You managed it very well Roxana. I would have never known just by looking at it that you had any trouble at all with the fragrance! It's lovely, and the tops look so effortless. I love RE too, and I also bought that FO, so I can confirm with you that it does smell amazing!! I was planning to hopefully soap it sometime soon too, so good to know what to expect from it.

  3. Count me as one of those totally addicted to fragrances! Your soap looks very pretty. I wouldn't have guessed that you had problems with it. :-)

  4. I can relate to the FO addition!! Your soap turned out beautiful!....looks just like you planned the beautiful swirls! I love the pastel colors too, have a hard time in the fall & winter....not too crazy about the darker soaps LOL!

  5. So pretty Roxana, I love that color combo and I can only imagine how good it must smell! You would never know you had trouble with that FO, the swirls still came out beautiful!

  6. Sorry that the soap did not go quite according to plan, Roxana, but it still looks gorgeous! I never would have guessed the FO gave you trouble, either, from looking at this batch. Love those pink and green swirls. Sounds like a lovely scent, too.

  7. I know how frustrating it is when your soap doesn't go as planned, but I think it turned out great with those pretty pink and green swirls. =)

  8. Beautiful soap. Love the delicate swirls! Great save.