Saturday, July 13, 2013

Lemon Verbena

Lately I find myself with the challenge of trying to figure out which fragrance to soap with.  As I have come to find out, one of the other addictions with soaping is the fragrances!  You just can't get enough of them :).  Just browsing the online stores gets you in trouble really quick!  You just want to buy them all! :) :) :)!

I am thankful that I have a pretty good stash right now to keep me happy for a couple of days.  One of them has been calling out to me for sure ..."Lemon Verbena". 

It's a really nice fragrance.  Bramble Berry's description of this fragrance is:
a wonderfully complex blend of Italian Bergamot, Lemon Verbena mixed with sultry Primrose and Violet. Rounding the blend out is a dry down of Amber and White Musk and just a little drop of Peppermint for an energizing surprise!

I just had all these ideas going on in my head.  I knew for sure that I wanted to add some Goats Milk in this bar.  I decided not to use all Goats Milk but instead a portion to add at light trace.  I also added tiny purple Jojoba Beads for gentle exfoliation.  My color scheme: yellow, white and a touch of purple.

The fragrance did accelerate a bit on me.  But it was not so bad.  My only challenge was that I had hoped to do some more fluid swirls but instead ended up doing more of a spoon swirl.  I was afraid of overheating due to the milk so I ended up freezing it just to be sure.  Overall, I am happy with the results and most definitely the fragrances.  The bars smell wonderful, and if lemon is a favorite of yours this is a sure winner!

I have one more soap blog that I hope to post soon.  A nice "Clean" scent bar.  I also have been playing with trying to do some flower piping...and that will be a pretty good story to tell!  Stay tuned!

Thanks for checking out my blog!!!
Happy Soaping


  1. The scent and the soap matches perfectly! Do you think that it was the flower notes in the FO that made the soap thicken up?

  2. Beautiful, as all your soaps, Roxana! The fragrance sounds nice, I have already used those 2 essential oils combined(lemon and verbena) and I really likes its fresh scent!
    Looking forward to your piping soap!

  3. Ooh, pretty! I love the color combination and the way you brought it all together with the purple jojoba beads. And it looks so fluffy and creamy!

  4. So pretty Roxana, it looks so creamy and I love the tall and narrow bars! Can't wait to see your flower piping!

  5. Beautiful, Roxana! I love lemony scents. Such pretty swirls, and I like the colors you chose.

  6. Lemon verbena, what a wonderful scent for this time of year and the colours will only enhance the scent. I know what you mean about having a scent obsession, it never seems to be enough and it's always tough to make a choice of what to use.

  7. I had to laugh in agreement with what you wrote about soaping and fragrances. I love going through the descriptions and reviews of the various fragrances and I wish I could smell all of them! It would be great if you can share what some of your favorites are. :-)

  8. I love how this one turned out, the Lemon Verbena is absolutely perfect for the design!