Sunday, June 9, 2013

Nice and Bright ...and Crisp :)

After the disappointment with my lumpy Peacock Swirl I decided to go look for a nice colorful picture to soap and cheer myself up!

I browsed the Design Seeds website and I really fell in love with this theme :)

Look at all those pretty can I come close to it? probably not, but I was sure going to try :)
I decided to soap with Bramble Berry's Crisp Apple Rose.  I think I have found a new favorite for sure.  This is such a nice crisp scent...not to strong, or sweet, but very crisp and light.  Very nice.
Can I also share that I have been playing around with this new IPhone App called Vine.  I saw Anne-Marie from Bramble Berry and Cee from Oil & Butter Blog Spot start to use it I was itching to try it.  Now I had some difficulties at first.  I really wish that there was a "mute" button of some sort.  My house tends to be a little active at times so you can hear the TV blaring and the kids playing in the background. 
Here is one of the videos texturing the soap on the top :)

Here is the one of the final textured tops, and as you can see, I got a little carried away in the end.

Here is the final result.  The colors are not as bright, and my red was a bit pink but I really love this look :)
It smells amazing!
I am going to try to work on my soaping survey this week for  my soapy friends that have volunteered to be my testers.  I am certainly looking forward to it and VERY NERVOUS as well.
Thanks for checking out my blog!


  1. Very pretty Roxana, it looks just like your inspiration picture and I'm totally intrigued with that scent, does it smell more apple or rose? The Vine app is very fun, but I totally wish we could mute it too!

    To embed the video in your post, you just need to click on the 'Embed' button that's underneath your video and then choose your size of video (I think I use the 320px) and then copy the code it gives you and paste that code straight into your blog post. Hope that helps! =)

    1. THANKS CEE!!! With you and Jenny's help I was able to get it to work :)

  2. Love the inspiration! You really nailed it in your soap, and I'm so glad that you were able to use the Crisp Apple Rose. =)

  3. It's beautiful,Roxana! I think you should stop questioning your skills!

  4. Wow, that's a gorgeous soap, Roxana! I got a bar scented with Crisp Apple Rose in BB's soap swap - it smells wonderful! To embed your video directly into your blog post, try hitting the "Embed" button below your video and copy the code. (Like Cee Gee says, you can adjust the width and height numbers to make it larger or smaller.) Then switch over from "Compose" to "HTML" in Blogger. (Look at the upper left corner of your screen when composing your post in Blogger and you should see "Compose" and "HTML" tabs side-by-side. Select "HTML.") Paste the code into the appropriate place in your post and then switch back to "Compose." Your video should appear in your post. :)

    1. Oh my! You and Cee are awesome!!! I just updated the blog and now my videos work :)

      THANK YOU!!!

    2. Yay! You're welcome, Roxana, I'm so glad it worked! Great job on the videos!

  5. What a beautiful soap Roxana? I love how you got your inspiration from Design Seeds, it really worked out wonderfully in your soap. And congrats on getting your video to work.