Friday, May 24, 2013

Kumquat, Chamomille and Ice Pineapple

I have been running around, trying to keep up.  As a result I have been neglecting my "blog duties".  Shame on me!  I wanted to upload this post last week and here I am a week after and barely getting posting it.

I have three soaps that I recently had fun playing with.  My first was Kumquat.  A very nice scent from Bramble Berry.  I actually just purchased the fragrance as a last minute buy.  Not really thinking whether it may be something I wanted to soap with. I am glad for my impulse shopping.  I really like it :).  Here is the description:  bright, fresh, purple with notes of green.

It was wonderfully to soap with and will be a keeper for my fragrance shelf
For my next soap I decided to go a little natural, except for adding fragrance :).  I wanted to try a Chamomile soap. 
I had some Chamomile Tea on hand so I ended up heating up some distilled water and had the tea bags brew over night in the water.  I also used a little bit of Apricot Kernel Meal for light exfoliation and the Chamomile fragrance oil from Bramble Berry sealed the deal.  Here is the final product:
I am pretty happy with it, and have now picked up some interest on "natural, simple" looking soap.  It is beautiful in its own way and I think my little bars are not bad!
Now for the ending I had some Iced Pineapple fragrance oil from Nature's Garden.  I debated on what to do for color theme and ended up with neon yellow and green.  The fragrance did really well.  I certainly had no problems soaping with it, but the scent did not come through well.  It has faded a little bit.  Here's a pic:
I am hoping to do some soaping during this holiday weekend.  I have one soap batch that I just finished which is another "natural" look.  I am hoping to post a blog by the end of this weekend. 
Thanks for checking out my blog!


  1. They're all wonderful looking soaps, as always. I really like the look of the chamomile soap; sometimes simplest is the best.

  2. The chamomile soap looks great! I'll bet it's a fantastic soap.

  3. Lovely Roxana! I love the simple and clean look of your chamomile soap, I definitely think less is more sometimes :) The Iced Pineapple fragrance sounds promising, too bad it didn't come through :( Kumquat sounds interesting, I can't imagine what that would smell like! Have a wonderful long weekend holiday!

  4. All three soaps look beautiful, Roxana! I love the stamping on the Iced Pineapple!

  5. I'm so glad you were able to use the Kumquat Fragrance Oil, it's one of my favorite summer scents to use. =)