Saturday, January 18, 2014

Ale Soap

I finally got the chance to try soaping with "Beer"....well, not necessarily "Beer", but Ale :)

I am not a big beer drinker and my husband also drinks it occasionally so it did take me a while to finally get the chance to soap with it.  My lucky day came when the hubby came home with some "Apple Ale"!

I guess it's pretty popular now, and the hubby wanted to try it.  Lucky for me he did not like and I had some left over bottles to play with!

I did a little bit of research to make sure I did it safely.  I was a little nervous about working with the alcohol and whether I was going to end up with a volcano!  I checked out this video one more time from Soaping 101 You Tube Channel to review and prepare.

I had purchased my fragrance oil a while back from Bramble Berry, Oatmeal Stout.  It
s a very nice fragrance, and I thought a nice compliment to my Apple Ale soap.   

I let my Ale sit out overnight and then made sure to froze it.  I mixed in my lye and slowly dissolved on the frozen Ale.  I got a very interesting color.  A cream brown, which I thought was different.  I decided that I wanted to make this soap with no Titanium Dioxide and also decided to gel it.  I wanted more of a natural color bar with some interesting red swirls.  

My problem?....well I got a little carried away with the red brick oxide that I used for my swirls.  I used a little too much, and I guess I will be looking forward to some red on my washcloth for sure!  I also realized that I should have not gel this soap since the color really discolored to a dark brown.  In the picture below you can still see some of the swirls, but I can tell you that right now it has gotten pretty dark that you can barely see them :(.  I still think the fragrance is really nice and just need to plan differently for future batches.

I am excited for my 2014 Soaping Year.  I am hoping to try different types of soaps!  Looking forward to giving a try at new swirls (making a new attempt at the Peacock Swirl), and maybe branching out to more natural soaps and maybe working with Essential Oils.  I hope you continue to visit and check in on me.  

Now that I finally got my computer up and running I hope to have more soapy posts up and I am going to attempt to be a little more active with my Facebook page.  

Happy Soaping!


  1. Your ale soap looks great, Roxana!
    Happy New Year and Happy Soap Making! :-)

  2. Your beer soap is so pretty, Roxana! I love those swirls. Beer soap is one of my favorites.

  3. Beautiful rich colour Roxana! And your swirls are great! Now that you know you can do it, it's time to convince hubby to bring home more beer to try out. ;)

  4. I bet your ale soap is wonderful! And it doesn´t matter if you get a little bit red, water will wash it of right away.

  5. Gorgeous swirls (as usual!) and I love that color combo, perfect for an Ale soap!

  6. It looks really gorgeous! I love it! May 2014 be filled with lots of soapy fun for you!

  7. Lovely Roxana - wish I could smell it! Great swirls and the texture on top is great!