Saturday, January 19, 2013

"Fun" is the name of the game

Fun is the name of the game...It's "fun" I tell you! 

I have been having catastrophe after catastrophe lately with my little soap addiction...I need to remind myself.  IT'S  OK!  I AM HAVING FUN!!!

Yes...I believe that as much as my son believes me when I tell him it's OK that Mario beat him at Nintendo again.  we can't win them all...sure...I believe that.

With all my problems with the lye water and oil temperatures I finally was able to manage it enough to get to a nice 109 degrees...Mix all my oils fine and everything.  I had prep some of my colors earlier to make sure I was not rushing during the cooling of the oils.  I decided to use a dupe fragrance from Natures Garden "Juicy Couture". 
Here is the vendors description

This fragrance combines wild berries and mandarin, honeysuckle, gardenia and jasmine. Embodied with the aroma of amber, caramel, sandalwood, vanilla and praline to add just the right touch of sweetness. 

Even with the floral fragrance it behaved well enough to let me play with the colors....until I added my neon purple...

It started to disappear!  WHAT!  I could not believe it. It was morphing on me...and I swear I had soaped with this color before with no problems.  I grabbed the bottle quickly to double check, and my heart sank.  I grabbed the wrong bottle!!!!

Instead of Liquid Neon Purple I grabbed "LIQUID CARMINE DYE LIP COLOR"!!!!  I must say I got pretty teary eyed...and then I could not stop laughing!  I decided to just finish it off...pour the soap in the mold and stuck in the fridge to prevent gelling. 

I checked the vendor's website to see if this would be OK to use in soap and it looks like it has been tested in Melt n Pour soap but not CP.  Well, at least I knew it was safe to use. 

Fast forward two days and here I am trying to unmold this soap.  It all looks OK from the top, until I started to get it out and noticed that it was still soft in the bottom.  Too late!  I damaged it from the bottom.  What I had forgotten was that I had decided not to add any palm oil to this recipe and thought that with the Mango Butter and Sodium Lactate that it would be OK...apparently not!


My soaping life...never a dull moment.  I think I am going to try something safe for my next soap.  Something with no fragrance...something that makes me say "oh wow!!! I am so proud!  I made a beautiful bar of soap!!!". 

Here are a couple of pics...from this little adventure:

In the mold:
Damaged Soap:
Carmine Lip Color Fading with some specks of pink in it

Thanks for checking out my blog!

Happy Soaping :)


  1. Oh,Roxana,but you seem to have some decent pieces there. The last one is perfect and the droplets are beautiful.
    Just a little digression to comfort you and wipe your tears: I broke my glass- ceramic stove tonight,I feel desperate. With soap,we always have another chance!

  2. Ohh, so sorry about your stove Maja, that would hurt :'( That's actually a very cool looking soap Roxana, but I know how it feels when you have something in mind and it comes out completely different. How do you like the fragrance?

    1. Thanks Cee!...The fragance it's a little too perfumi (if that is such a word) for me. I guess I need to get use to it

  3. So sorry that some of the soap was damaged, Roxana! But the bar in the final photo looks perfect - I love the droplets and the specks of pink.