Friday, November 23, 2012

Soft, Clean Blue and Bath Truffles

I have been enjoying this new fragrance from Natures Garden, "Baby Clean".  It is a delicate clean scent and while it does not bring up baby images when I smell it I do enjoy the clean, fresh scent.  The vendor describes it as:

 " notes of granny smith apple, lemon zest, and hints of mint, rounded out with blossoms of spring wildflowers, butterfly violets & honeysuckle..."

I recently tried it with the "sugar melting scrub" :(, so this time around I decided to try it with cold press soap.  I was very happy with the results.  It was a wonderful scent to work with, no acceleration or ricing.  Gave me time to play around.  Here are the results, I added sodium lactate for a harder bar and I was able to unmold and cut right away.

I used ultramarine blue to come up with a very light blue and the other half of the soap I added Kaolin Clay for a light off-white color and almost natural.  Here is a pic:

I have also been getting a little obsessed with bath products.  I tried a bubble bar and it did not go that well.  I did a little digging up in the Internet and checked out the Soap Queen TV YouTube channel.  I discovered this recent tutorials on how to do Bath Truffles.  Yahoo...something new to try!  Here is Anne Marie's video tutorial:

and here is a pic of my results:

I decided to use Shea and Mango Butter, replaced the SLS with SLSA.  I think I may have gotten a little carried away with the butter since when I crumbled it in the bath most of my bubbles went flat :(
But I did enjoy the extra oils in the bath water.  It does make surfaces slippery after so you need to use caution when stepping out.

All in all I was happy with my first Bath Truffle.  Thank you Anne Marie for the video tutorial! :)

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Happy Soaping!


  1. Looks great, I'll have to check into that NG fragrance. It's been too long since I ordered from them, I can have some major fun on their site!! I recently bought some SLS to try in fizzies/truffles too, so now you have me double excited! Yours are beautiful! :)

  2. Beautiful soap Roxana and your bath truffles turned out so nice...thanks for sharing her video, I'd love to try those!

  3. I love the swirls in your soap, Roxana! The colors are so pretty. And congrats on your first bath truffle! It looks very nice.

  4. Your truffles turned out so beautiful! Thanks for the shout-out. :)