Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Back Again

I have been neglecting my blog lately.  Not on purpose, but more out of too many things going on at once.  Work is pretty hectic and weekends have started to ramp up, and now with the holidays coming up it certainly will get pretty busy.  At least I have been able to keep up with my little soap addiction.  I just have not been able to photograph them. 

Now with the time change I am unable to catch the last good light of the day when I get in from work.  It's pretty dark when I get it and when I leave in the morning is just as dark.  So I put together my primitive light box and managed to get a couple of decent shots.  I am thinking that I  need to figure out a way to maybe photograph them during the weekend when I can catch some good light since I am not pretty happy with the lighting results.

I am proud to say that I FINALLY was able to come up with a good bar of "Gardenia" soap.  Apparently fourth time is the charm :).  It smells wonderful and I can't wait to give a bar to my friend Rowena.  She had requested I make it with gardenia fragrance oil.  How was I to know how much trouble I would get myself into, but I must admit that during my little catastrophes a did pick up a few things here and there.  Here is a pic:

My next soap project was "Hot Cocoa".  The scent is a very nice scent and it's perfect for this time of the year when you start getting a little bite in the air and you can't help but want to reach out for your favorite blanket and a steaming cup of hot cocoa.  It just makes you want to turn in for the day and watch old movies :)

I have a friend that is sensitive to harsh soaps so I recently made a batch of goats milk, oatmeal and honey soap for her.  She was pretty happy so I thought I would try to make a couple of more bars for XMAS.  This time I decided not to include the goats milk and made a simple bar of oatmeal and honey soap.  No fragrance.  Just a simple bar of soap :).  I tried to avoid gel but the honey overheated it a bit so I ended up with the circle in the middle :(

Juniper Breeze was my next project.  I was a little cautious since I was not sure if I may have a reaction to the faint mint that I smell in the oil, but it actually is pretty nice and I really love the clean scent.

Last but not least is my favorite bar of all.  It smells amazing.  Hawaiian Ginger!  I love tropical scents.  I am practically obsessed with the Hawaiian Breeze Glade room spray and candles.  As soon as I saw this scent from the vendor that I was shopping for fragrance oils I decided to give it a try and I was not disappointed.  I loved it so much that I even used it to fragrance a batch of Bubble Bars that I was attempting to make.  My bathtub was filled with the wonderful, fragrant bubbles.  Here is a pick of the final soap bars - sorry, no pics of the Bubble Bars, those were not very pretty :(

I hope you enjoy taking a peek at my latest bars.  I apologize for throwing this blog together and posting it quickly.  I wanted to catch up with the latest bars that I had made so far.

Happy soaping and thanks for checking out my blog!


  1. So beautiful soaps! My favourite is Hot Cocoa, so delicious!

    1. Thank you very much! It actually is a very nice scent. :)

  2. Welcome back! I love them all, the partial-gel one looks really cool, like you did it on purpose!

    1. HI Cee Gee!
      Thanks! I was not sure at first if I liked the look of the partial gel. I keep looking at them everytime I pass by the curing rack. I think they are growing on me little by little :)