Monday, September 10, 2012

The winner...Gardenia

Ok...I have given up.  Gardenia just does not like me at all.  Not only can I not grow it in the garden, but now it appears that I am not even able to soap the fragrance as well...

I must admit that I may have been a little ambitious.  I decided to add Goats Milk which runs a high risk of overheating.  It did not even matter that I stuck it in the freezer to prevent it from overheating.  It still went ahead and did.  So here is my third attempt at Gardenia soap and the lye heavy pockets that come with it :o(

If you notice the oozing liquid coming out of it...well that is lye - not good.  Lye will burn the skin and nobody really wants to experience that.  

So I am mopping around...playing with my soaping software - because as it turns out I may be using a high percentage of butters as well, which is making my soap really soft during the unmolding process.  I may be putting away the florals for some time, and maybe looking at some autumn,winter favorites.  Maybe some comfort scents - after all, season's are changing and summer is definitely almost over (you would not know it with how hot it still is by my neck of the woods)

So I am looking forward and gathering some steam while I enjoy and admire some of my "good" soaps :o).  Like this one...I really like how it come out and can't wait till it's done curing. 

I scented it with Brambleberry Energy fragrance oil which is a of blend of Citrus, including Grapefruit, Lemon and Lime, Pineapple, Blackberry and Champagne.  Smells AMAZING!  Yes, I know, it's a spring/summer fragrance but when you are trying to wake up in the morning a nice citrus blend is helpful ;o)

As for the promise to my friend Rowena to make her a "Gardenia Soap"...well I guess for now she will receive a "Gardenia" Exfoliating Scrub ;o)

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  1. So sorry to hear about your soaping troubles. Sounds like florals are being tricky for you. The swirls are still very pretty, though. The one time I tried to prevent gel phase by putting the soap in the fridge, I ended up with an impressive partial gel, too. I love your Energy soap - that's such a wonderful scent!